Digital Billboards Deliver Big Results

May 2024
Outdoor has always been a great way to reinforce your brand and now, with the growing digital billboard inventory in Fort Wayne, you can not only use outdoor to build your brand, but also to deliver a call to action. Read more

Targeted Video Marketing

April 2024
Marketing your business with video has become an essential way to communicate with potential customers. Did you know that you can deliver a video message to a targeted audience that is already in the market for your product? And you can target consumers that intend to purchase your product at a budget that’s right for you! Read more

Maximize Your Exposure

March 2024
Ad Lab can design eye-catching messages for your digital sign. We create graphics customized for your monthly promotions, and upload them for you. Read more

Is Your Google Campaign Performing This Well?

February 2024
Most industries experience a busy season and a slow season. When you’re busy, your competition is busy. And when you’re slow, your competition is slow. You advertise during busy times to steal market share from competitors when consumers are in the market for your product. However, it is important to market year-round. There is nothing more important than consistency. Read more

Are You Using Best Practices with Social Media?

January 2024
If you are like many companies, you likely have a list of priorities that take precedence in your day-to-day activities. You know keeping up on social media is important, but it often slides down the priority list. Read more

Ready to Create Demand for Your Brand?

December 2023
At Ad Lab, we will help you create a campaign that is memorable, relevant, and built on consistency, ultimately creating demand for your product. Read more