The Iron Is Hot

Turner Watson

These are certainly strange days. Stressful days. Local advertisers and business owners are desperately trying to cope with a potential loss of revenue, or lack of product to sell, in addition to the very real concerns regarding the safety of their families and the community at large. There are so many unknown variables regarding the duration of this crisis that many advertisers decide to retreat a bit. They cancel ongoing campaigns and vacate existing spot schedules. And you know what? Sometimes that’s the absolute right thing to do.

But it isn’t always the best course of action. 

As in advertising and marketing in general, one size does not fit all. A car dealer has a different focus and execution than a health care provider. Some clients run digital and social media campaigns exclusively, while others focus on cable or broadcast television. There’s no generic “right way” that works for everyone, which is why we tailor each campaign to the specific client in question.

But I’m here to tell ya…fortune favors the bold. And right now, you’ve got a bunch of people consuming more media than perhaps any other time in their lives, for an unknown period of time. To me, this is a golden opportunity to reach a huge, captive audience, and send them whatever message you want. (Need proof? You’re reading this right now. Maybe out of boredom. Maybe out of due diligence. The point is, you’re here, right now, listening to our pitch.)

Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to create a custom message, one specific to this crisis. A message of comfort, that suggest that the sun will indeed come out…that the restrictions will be lifted…and when that glorious moment comes, you’ll be ready to serve the public. Such a message doesn’t need to sell anything. (And honestly, they may not be able to physically visit your location anyway.) Maybe it’s a genuine offer to help. Maybe it’s just a quick message of hope. Or thanks for the continued support. But even such an esoteric message can reap benefits on the sales front: people remember those who were there for them when the chips were down.

So, again, it’s okay to hit “pause.” Or to shift focus. But with the number of eyes and ears glued to their TV, radio, and mobile devices, this COVID-19 situation, as scary as it might be, can still offer a golden opportunity for the right advertisers. If that’s you, give us a call. We’re still here, still working. And we’ll still be here when it’s all over.

Above all, stay safe. Stay vigilant. Stay calm. We’ll get through this, together. See you soon.