What We Do

At Ad Lab, we’ve developed a term that encapsulates the entire marketing process.  That term is create DEMAND.  But, what does create DEMAND mean?

The essence of creating demand is to make somebody want your product.  We will help you create a campaign that is memorable and relevant, and built on consistency, ultimately creating a demand for your product. Demand, generated by…

  • Attention grabbing creative which includes a clear call to action
  • A media schedule that reaches your target audience
  • Multi-platform marketing campaigns that build top-of-mind awareness and credibility

Ad Lab will help you create AWARENESS --> create YOUR BRAND --> create RESULTS --> DEMAND results

These departments work together to develop a comprehensive and consistent message for your business.

Media Buying

We’re the biggest volume placement agency in the region, with the ability to buy any market in the country. We leverage our resources, relationships and buying power to obtain the best possible ROI. 


Award-winning TV, radio, print, digital, and outdoor. We create hundreds of ads every year, with most of our production done in-house, occasionally supplemented by trusted partners. Plus, additional services like photography, logo design, specialty items, apparel and direct mail.


With access to the best digital resources in the country, our digital campaigns consistently perform well above the national averages. Pay Per Click, Display, Mobile Geo-fencing, Video, Social Lead Generation, OTT, SEO, Reputation Management. All targeted to a very specific audience, so there are no wasted impressions.


In house social media management, as well as targeted campaigns, using multiple social platforms.  Research shows that different industries receive varying results, based on the type of ad chosen, and we will help you decide the best ad for your industry. Single image native ads, carousel ads, and video all produced in house.