Social Media Case Studies

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Allen County

CASA asked for Ad Lab’s help in recruiting potential advocates for training, needing to fill classes to meet recruiting benchmarks. So far, the campaign has reached over 100,000 Facebook and Instagram users, resulting in almost a half-million impressions and over 4,000 website clicks. Classes are full, awareness is up, and CASA has momentum and a greater social media presence.

Bobick’s Golf

Bobick’s had an immediate need: to promote their annual Tent Sale. We constructed a campaign featuring a TV commercial blitz, along with a week-long Facebook ad schedule. In less than one week, the client saw over 19,000 impressions, which reached over 9,000 Facebook users. The resulting 569 ad clicks represented a click-through rate a full two percentage points higher than the national average. 

Charleston Services

Charleston was staging multiple industrial auctions in multiple locations throughout the Midwest. Employing Facebook ads targeted to specific markets designed to reach a defined audience, we gained over 3,500 link clicks from over 170,000 impressions, scoring well above the national average.

HBA of Ft. Wayne

We used a slightly different approach for the Home Builders Association of Ft. Wayne, as they sought to promote their Town & Country Home Tour, which ran for two concurrent weekends.  Supported by a radio element that began ahead of the first weekend of the tour, Ad Lab posted on behalf of the HBA several times a week leading up to the event. We boosted several posts to increase their reach, and directed Facebook users to visit the HBA website for more information. Within a week, the HBA Facebook page had received a double-digit increase in page likes, and increased their viral reach by over 550. By the conclusion of the campaign, viral impressions grew to almost 7,000. Total impressions, from boosted and organic posts, soared up almost 13,000. 

Mallers & Swoverland

In a somewhat crowded field, Mallers & Swoverland Orthopaedic Physical Therapy sought to elevate their profile via social media. In a Facebook campaign which ran just shy of three months, we were able to help them reach almost 60,000 people, and get 2,077 clicks to their website. The campaign was successful enough that the client enlisted Ad Lab’s services to produce a companion campaign for television. As a result, business is booming at all three Mallers & Swoverland locations.


And there’s more!

Campaigns for the likes of Women’s Health Advantage, Hear Ear Hearing Aids, Auto Express Insurance, Dupont Pediatrics, Fred Toenges Shoes, have all had massive success and an incredible ROI.