Meet Our Team

Jeff Heiniger


Ad Lab’s owner has over 20 years of advertising and marketing experience, spinning that know-how into successful multi-media campaigns for Ad Lab’s clients. In his younger days, you’d find Jeff travelling to see his favorite jam band, Phish. Nowadays, he can usually be found chilling outside with a cocktail, on the golf course, or changing diapers as his family recently welcomed a new addition.

Turner Watson

Creative Director

As Ad Lab’s creative director, he often dips into his somewhat…shall we say atypical? Unusual? Unique? Anyway, a varied set of life experiences, stemming from over 20 years as a rock radio DJ, a screenwriter, theater nerd, history and movie buff, hockey coach, surfer, audio and video editor, father, husband, son, and social media madman. Need a new take on your TV, radio, or digital campaign? Talk to Turner. (Although, fair warning:  you may never get him to shut up…)

Rick Porfilio

Art Director

Rick is Ad Lab’s longest-tenured employee, here from the very beginning. In his time as our Art Director, he’s created countless visually-stunning, award-winning, engaging, successful campaigns…as well as traveling all over Europe, and raising two daughters, one of whom attends Ball State (Rick’s alma mater) and the other is currently a photographer for one of the most imaginative places on Earth: Walt Disney World. Artistic vision is apparently hereditary.

Debbie Upton

Office Manager

Ad Lab’s globe-trotting Office Manager is proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. In finance since she turned 18, and with over 27 years of experience working for various CPA firms and HR Block, it might surprise you to see her dancing with abandon at a local club or getting another tattoo. You can see for yourself if she ever opens that keto restaurant she’s itching to start.

Heather Nihiser

Media Director

Many Ad Labbers have experience on both sides of the marketing equation, and Heather is no exception, having placed buys on television programs like American Idol…and also trying out for American Idol, which she did at the tender age of 19.  Heather believes in balance…like a night at Mitchell’s followed by a night at Orange Theory. Followed by a night at the movies. Then another night at Mitchell’s. (There’s a pattern here…)