Delivering Digital Results

Lancia Homes

Lancia Homes digital portfolio includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Targeted Display Ads, and Social Marketing Lead Generation.  

  • Click Thru Rate (CTR) on SEM of +167% above industry standard
  • 100+ tracked and recorded phone call leads per month generated from SEM
  • Targeted Display performs +533% above national average, with
  • 900+ website visits per month
  • Social Lead Generation produces 30+ per month OR more than 1 lead per day
Midwest America Federal Credit Union

Midwest America Federal Credit Union digital strategy includes SEM,social, and targeted display. They combine to generate an average of 4986 website visits per month.

  • Their SEM campaign averages a monthly CTR of an incredible +607% above national average.
  • The display campaign averages +160% above national average, while providing an average of 419 website visits per month.
  • The Target Awareness social campaign averages 1,766 website visits per month
Glaser & Ebbs

Glaser & Ebbs, relies on their SEM campaign to maintain their position as a market leader, with a focus on personal injury, bankruptcy, and social security and disability.

  • SEM maintains an average impression share of 94%
  • CTR is +204% above the national average
  • An average of 59 recorded phone leads per month
Mattress Warehouse

Mattress Warehouse has 3 Fort Wayne locations, and have built a smart geographical SEM campaign, without overlapping their radius for any of the 3 locations.   

  • Over 40,000 impressions delivered per month, with a CTR that is +146% above the national average, producing more than 1,000 unique website visits per month
  • Averages more than 50 recorded phone calls per month
Women’s Health Advantage

Women’s Health Advantage implements a targeted display ad campaign to promote their 3-D mammogram technology. This strategy is designed to reach an extremely targeted audience.

  • Over 300,000 targeted impressions served per month with a CTR of +460% above the national average
  • Campaign produces more than 476 website visits per month
Partners 1st FCU

Partners 1st FCU integrates a SEM and Display ad campaign that stretches across 7 states.

  • SEM CTR deliver +245% the national average, while Targeted Display delivers at +333%
  • Campaign produces over 1,000 website visits per month and 65 phone calls per month
Superior Auto

Superior Auto implemented a demographically challenging SEM campaign to reach their 70 car dealerships in 4 states.

  • Averaged 25,000 impressions per month, with 3,170 website visits per month
  • CTR of 12.73% (+848% above the national average)
  • Averaged 206 recorded phone call leads per month
Delventhal Law Office

Delventhal Law Office competes in the highly competitive legal SEM market, without the benefit of the large firm budget.

  • SEM maintains an average impression share of +85%
  • CTR is +203% higher than the national average, while averaging more than 30 calls per month for Personal Injury inquiries
Center for Colon & Rectal Care

In a specialized healthcare category, in which there is not enough search volume for a SEM campaign, Center for Colon & Rectal Care has launched a Display campaign, using a targeted approach.  

  • Over 300,000 targeted impressions served per month with a CTR of +300% above the national average 
  • Campaign produces more than 450 website visits per month
Travel Leaders

With 5 locations statewide, the key for Travel Leaders in their industry, is to not just get leads, but obtain qualified leads.  

  • SEM strategy averages well over 100 recorded and tracked phone leads per month
  • SEM produces a CTR if +249% above the national average