What Does "Everything Agency" Mean?

Jeff Heiniger

In October 2019, Ad Lab was spotlighted as the cover story in Business People magazine.  After interviewing our team, Business People dubbed Ad Lab the “everything agency” for the headline.   I’ve had several people reach out to me, after reading the article to ask me exactly what being the everything agency means?   Simply put, it means you only need to have 1 contact (and 1 invoice!) for all marketing needs for your business.   Need a TV, radio or digital, schedule placed? Social media?   We can do that.   Need the commercial produced and the ads created?  We can do that.   Need to order koozies to hand out at the company golf outing?  Need signage for your storefront?  Banners for a trade show?   Pamphlets, folders or customized sales decks?   We can do all that.  Beyond capability, working with one company allows for consistency in message, which allows you to build your brand within your community.

I recently met with a new business candidate, who contacted me, to see if I could help them with a TV schedule.   When we sat down to meet, we observed in one sitting that they had company golf shirts, pens, business cards, tumblers, banners, and sales literature/folders.  And that they had a different vendor for each item.   And that was just what was in our line of vision, during that meeting.  That’s 6 different contacts, which means 6 phone calls, 6 meetings, and 6 invoices.  They also were advertising with multiple radio stations, and doing print.   That was 5 more contacts.   To look into doing TV advertising, that was going to be a minimum of 5 more phone calls and meetings, if they hadn’t called me first.   So, to market their business, they were speaking with a minimum of 16 different people, when if they were an Ad Lab client, they could have just called me, and we’d  take care of it all for them.   

Ad Lab specializes in turning around quality work, quickly.  Anyone that works with Ad Lab knows that when a client has a need, we make your need a priority.  You especially know this, if you’ve ever worked with another agency.  If you already work with Ad Lab and we are not already taking care of all of your marketing needs, we want to earn that portion of your business as well.   If you don’t work with Ad Lab, and you want to learn more about what we do, I’d love to meet with you to discuss the resources we have at our disposal.   

Below is the Business People article, if you’d like to read it.   You can also visit www.adlabadvertising.com to read any of our archived blog entries, that touch on hot topics in the world of marketing.